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"I'm Musician on a Mission. I want to learn as much as I can to improve myself and my music. and perhaps make a few new friends along the way"

I am a self taught pianist from Cleveland Ohio. I got my start a few years back, learning how to play simple tunes that I've heard. Music from Television, Movies, and Video Games were the fundamental stepping stones in my musical development. I grew up enjoying classical music from composers such as Johannes Brahms and Antonín Dvořák  to contemporary  jazz artists such as Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, and Kenny G. On my free time I would sit at my grandmother's old upright piano with a radio and try to play along with the songs that I was hearing. (Foregoing the traditional piano lessons). During  my senior year of high school, I took and failed Intro to Piano; not because I couldn't play, but because I couldn't read. Up until that point, I had been training my ear to recognize the notes rather than reading them from a page. Since then I've continued to practice on my own, composing new music all the while still developing my ear for music.