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Solo Pianist and Composer

"Very nice, it's soothing" -Gerald Albright, Denver CO


"I have been following Falcon's piano works for a few years and the constant improvement in his performance has been impressive to say the least. This is an excellent album with a great piano sound that surrounds and cradles you in a bed of soothing synaesthesia. Very therapeutic and highly recommended!"            

                                                                            -Paul Rahme, Birmingham UK

"I like the smooth, new age feel of the songs and the jazzy spice interwoven with pretty melodies. I can imagine relaxing with a drink in my hand while hearing the soft melodies take me away."

                                                                                -John Ellis, Silver Spring MD

"TWO THUMBS UP AND A SNAP! We all enjoyed it"                                                                                                                -Marsha Linda, Detroit MI

" Love your works. Your music writing and playing is inspiring, expressive, beautiful and pleasant."                                                                                                                                      -Christine Wagatsuma, Taipei Taiwan

"I am loving this"                

                                                                         -Samantha Speights, Newark DE

"I've seen Falcon play a number of times and am always amazed at his gift. Falcon plays effortlessly yet his music is inspiring. Listening to his music is like reading your favorite book. I definitely recommend this album to any one wanting to hear a new sound. His music transcends genres."                                                               -Mike C. Smith, OdentonMD

"I was listening to your incredible CD!! You've got some mad skillz!!! You are very talented!!

                                                                                     -Jennifer Porter, Mesa, AZ


Falcon's *almost* daily blog

Sunday 2019.12.8

I will be performing at a Christmas gathering for Warren Harris in Alexandria, PA. It is sure to be a wonderful night of music, food, family and friends.

Friday 2019.11.1

I will be aboard the Norwegian Sun from Monday November 4th through Saturday November 9th in the Bahamas. I'll be playing a number of new and original pieces. It is looking to be a great time

Tuesday 2019.8.20

I will be performing at Jerald Johns' Surprise 80th Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia, PA. *Don't tell him I'm coming though, it'll spoil the surprise*

Friday 2019.8.16

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